English as a Second Language Program

  2022-2023 program information will be available during the 2022 summer.

  • The John R. Mott Scholarship Foundation, Inc. has established an “English as a Second Language Scholarship Program.” All Mott Scholarship Awardees and Applicants are eligible to apply for the Scholarship Program.

  • The 2022-2023 program consists of the awarding of scholarships for the study of English at the New English School in via delle Ginestre No 47, 87032 fr. Campora San giovanni, Amantea (CS), Italy. Their cell phone number is: (320) 577 5578.

  • Each scholarship consists of the payment of tuition for 26 hours (2 hours weekly) in which students are prepared for one of the following examinations: T.O.E.F.L. or Trinity.

  • Applicants must submit an essay written in either Italian or English of not more than 500 words on one of the following topics: "What, in your opinion, are the reasons for which English has come to be considered the international language?" or "Calabria is now facing towards farther horizons, such as Europe, America and Asia; what could its cultural and economic role be in the near future?" The essay must be submitted to Dott.ssa Maria Chiara Arella (by email): no later than September 15, 2022. The scholarship awardees will be selected on the basis of the quality of their essays.

  • The awardees will be required to undertake a 10 minute assessment test at the New English School to determine the appropriate level of instruction and to create a syllabus to meet the need of each student. The Mott Scholarship funds the tuition and the cost of taking one of the aforementioned examinations. Students will be required to pay for their own books and for their Trinity Exam.

  • Any questions regarding this scholarship should be directed to Dott.ssa Maria Chiara Arella at (320) 577 5578 (Cell).


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English as a Second Language

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