A Lasting Legacy
For millions of Italian Americans, the United States of America has offered a nearly unlimited bounty of freedom and opportunity.
Yet today, Calabria – ancestral home to more Italian Americans than any other single region of Italy – continues its struggle to uplift its economic fortunes. Fortunately, this effort will now be strengthened by the addition of a growing number of highly educated young men and women. Thanks to the hard work and vision of one of Calabria’s sons, John R. Mott, the deserving young people of Calabria are acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to develop the region’s untapped potential.

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the John R. Mott Scholarship Foundation

To date the Foundation has provided scholarships to almost 1,800 students!

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Students native to the Calabria region of Italy are eligible to apply for a scholarship to assist their education at any institution of higher learning.
Note: Starting this year applications must be filled out in English.